Donations / Fundraisers

The Couch Tomato strives to support the local community as often as possible and is always excited about the prospect of creating new partnerships with the many charities, non-profit organizations, schools, hospitals, and other local groups etc. Looking for a raffle or auction item, or would you like to set up a Dine-To-Donate fundraiser for your group? Simply complete the feedback form on this page with your request and our team will be in touch with you soon!

Raffle / Auction Items
We are happy to snail-mail you a copy of our menu along with a gift card to be raffled off at your auction. Just complete the questionnaire below and we will soon be back in touch!
Looking for other FUNDRAISING ideas?
Host a “Dine To Donate” event at one of our locations. Simply promote the event to your group on for the specified date, ensuring that those patrons reference their promo code throughout the entirety of that day, and we will tally the sales from that day and donate back to your organization 15% of the net sales from that revenue! The bigger the turnout, the bigger the donation!

Please Answer the Following Questions:



    Phone Number

    Organization Name

    Is your organization tax exempt?

    Are you seeking an auction item, to host a fundraiser at one of our locations, or both?

    *If answering YES to it being for a fundraiser please answer the following questions below. If not skip to the Comments/Questions section.

    Which of our locations is this request for?

    Preferred Event Date:

    Backup Event Date:

    What promo code would you like to use during the event?

    Are you prepared to book this fundraising event on the dates listed above or are you just gathering info?

    Do you confirm that your party will not promote the promo code to patrons who are entering the building on their own will, as this concept is intended to drive business solely from your group and it's own network of friends and family?


    The manager of the appropriate branch will respond to you within 3-5 business days!